These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Ok, so a lot of the blogs I follow do some kind of post every Friday, basically  listing some of their favorite things. So, I thought that would be fun to do! Yes, I know it’s Sunday. In fact, I started writing this post on Friday and forgot all about it. So instead of a Friday thing, this time it will just be a way to kick off the week! Here’s my list:

1. My family.


2. My Friends. These are my best friends, and I am so greatful to have great people in my life that I am so close with. In fact, much of what I write about will probably have to do with them. We go way back. Kristen and I have known each other since Kindergarden and best friends since first grade when we were in the same class at school. I have many pictures from back then (I’ll save that for another day). It’s crazy to think that the number of years I’ve been best friends with her is more than the number of years I didn’t even know who she was. But it’s awesome! I’ve known Jennifer since her family moved here from Tennessee in 5th grade (I think that’s right?), and eventually came to my church. I really don’t remember how we became friends, but it just kind of happened. We are complete opposites in many ways, but I think that’s why we became best friends. Last, I’ve known Michele for, well, most of my life I guess, but we didn’t really become friends until 8th or 9th grade. We have both gone to the same church our whole lives so I’ve known her for about that long. Out of everyone I’m probably most like Michele when it comes to personality, which is good but can be bad since we are both very indecisive and not very outgoing without the help of someone else. But yes, these are my best friends. I’m so grateful to know that these are lifelong friends.



3. Laughter. This is a pretty general thing, but it really is one of my favorite things. This one also ties into my first two things on the list. There’s nothing better than spending a lot of time with people just laughing about anything and everything. Even better are those times that you laugh so hard, you feel like you’re about to die. (You can’t catch a breath and tears are streaming down your face.) That’s the best.

4. My new college friends. Although I am not at UNT this school year I am so glad that I have such good friends in Denton, whom even though I don’t see much, I consider them some of my newer best friends. They are truly what made my first year of college an amazing experience and I can’t wait to be back with them all the time! So much fun with these people! I love them!


5. Pride and Prejudice. There really isn’t much I can say other than how much I LOVE this movie!! I watch it all the time no matter what I’m doing or what kind of a mood I’m in. Ah. So. Stinkin’. Good. This will definitely be a repeat in my favorite things lists.


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