Outrageous Laughter

Have you seen this video? It’s called “Don’t Be That Outrageous Laugher”.  My roommate can tell you that when I watched it, I died laughing. I laughed so hard I cried. It hurt so good. Who knows, maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s funny, but I doubt that.

I think I love this because I’m pretty sure I look absolutely ridiculous when I just belly-laugh, but who doesn’t?

I also thought about those people who’s laugh is funnier than the actual joke. There’s a guy in one of my classes who has one of the loudest laughs I’ve ever heard. Any time he laughs, most of the class laughs. We laugh not because the joke was funny, but because his laugh is so outrageous. Which makes me wonder how this guy isn’t aware of how loud he is.

What are you? The Goose, The Black Lung, The Mute, The Tear Jerker, or The Hiss ‘N Shrug?
My most outrageous laughter definitely resembles The Goose, eventually turning into The Mute. Good stuff. Laughing is so great, and I love it when other people laugh. There’s nothing better than laughter that puts you in tears and makes you feel like you’re about to die.


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