Friday Favorites: Podcast edition

Friday Favorites: Podcast edition

Do you ever have those moments where you ask yourself “How am I just now hearing about this?” or “Where have I been?” Well, that’s how I feel about podcasts.

Now that’s not to say I didn’t know what a podcast was or had never heard of them. I knew of podcasts, I’ve heard of Serial, and have even listened to many church sermons and lessons via podcast. What I didn’t know was what giant world of podcasts that existed.

Essentially, podcasts are people having conversations about any given topic. There’s something for literally everyone. That’s an oversimplification of podcasts, but you get the idea.

Last summer, a friend of mine told me about a podcast called “Gilmore Guys.” In a nutshell, it’s two guys talking about every episode of Gilmore Girls. One is a long-time fan of the show, the other is new to the show and watching each episode for the first time. They invite writers, comedians, and other people from the entertainment world to talk all things Gilmore Girls. They even have live shows which a friend and I got to go to when they were in Dallas in December. Lots of fun and they are hilarious! Check out their podcast!

Since then, I’ve started listening to other podcasts, trying to find others I like — and with varying degrees of success. There’s so much to wade through, so I’m always open to suggestions from any genre.

In the mean time, here are some that I’ve enjoyed:

Gilmore Guys                                       Best of Friends

Gilmore Guys podcast     Best of Friends Podcast

Pop Culture Happy Hour                  The Nerdist

Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast        nerdistpodcastv2


I’d love to hear what you’ve been enjoying lately — podcast or otherwise. Let me know in the comments below!


Project: Read Through Your Bookshelf

Project: Read Through Your Bookshelf

Confession: I love going to bookstores, buying books, and looking at pretty books….but I don’t read very often. In fact I have a bookshelf full of untouched or partially read books to prove this. Sometimes I like the idea of reading more than actually reading.

I watch movies such as You’ve Got Mail and join in on Kathleen Kelley’s romanticizing of literature. I see Instagram photos with the perfectly lit book next to a cup of coffee and I think, yes…I can be that person, too.

When I graduated from college two years ago, I would constantly tell myself how great it was that I would have so much more time to read what I actually wanted to read rather than what I was required to read for school. I’ve started many books, bought many books, but have yet to finish one book.

Well, I’m changing that now. I am cutting back on my Netflix time and Hulu time (and even some YouTube time) that some how sucks so many hours of my week that I could actually be reading.

So, I’m starting my Project: Read Through Your Bookshelf. There’s really no need to go to the library or buy another book for some time (although I probably will still do this) when I have dozens and dozens of unread or partially read books on my own bookshelf.

Are you just as bad as I am? Do you also have some books sitting on your bookshelves left to just collect dust? Tell me about what you’ll be reading from your own bookshelf!

Here are some of my bookshelf that I will be tackling first:

                                   Women of the Word        Prayer - Timothy Keller

   Harry Potter       Ella Enchanted

I’m excited about all four of these books, and for different reasons.

Women of the Word is written by Jen Wilkin, who is on staff at The Village Church and is someone I’ve admired and looked to as an unofficial discipler. Her blogs, speaking engagements, teaching, and writing in general has always been so encouraging and helpful as I grow in my faith and learn to love the Lord with both my heart and mind.

Prayer, written by Timothy Keller (pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City) is a book that was highly recommended by many people from different areas of my life. When I get recommendations from different types of people, it definitely goes on my must-read list.

Now, as for Harry Potter…you’re probably thinking “WHAT? How are you just now reading this?” And your judgment is most deserved and welcomed. In fact this could be the start of a new category called “Books You Should Have Read” or “Elementary School Revisited.” The Harry Potter book series was first introduced to me when I was in the fourth grade and I even read the first book then. But it just became yet another series of books that I never got around to. Better late than never? I am actually almost finished with the first book, and it’s been great. Even though it was written with the main target being children, it is definitely a book that can be enjoyed by all ages–great storytelling that really engages the imagination. (And gives you so much more detail than any movie could–for those who have not read these books yet.)

Finally, Ella Enchanted is a book recommended to me by my friend, Jennifer. It is one of her favorite books of all time and don’t even bother mentioning what she deems to be the disgrace of a film adaptation with Anne Hathaway. This is a book that could probably be included in the “Books You Should Have Read” category. Nevertheless, here we are with a children’s novel on a 25-year-old’s reading list.

Happy Reading!