Hipsters and Cowboys

Hipsters and Cowboys

I’ve only every lived in two cities: Fort Worth and Denton, Texas. I lived in Fort Worth from the time I was born until I moved for College.

Denton is home to two universities: Texas Women’s University and the University of North Texas (go mean green!). The city is filled with quirky people that make living here a lot more fun. Some people describe it as a mini Austin. Hanging out on the square listening to good music(and occasionally bad music played with equal passion) is one of the best parts of Denton. There is so much people-watching material there. After 5 years of living here for school, it’s felt like home.

Fort Worth is a bigger city in the metroplex full of cowboys and pockets of hipsters…occasionally hipster cowboys, if that’s possible. It has such a unique city culture. It kind of has the personality of a smaller town, but in a much bigger city. Never lump us in with Dallas, we’re very passionate about not being Dallas.

I could go on and on about the different things I love about each city, but that would take a long time. Instead, these are a couple things I’ve particularly enjoyed recently about each city.

The Dime Store

Denton, Dime Store, Only In Denton  The best way to describe this shop is that it’s Etsy in building form. The store features different artists, crafters and makers from the Denton area. Denton is all about supporting local businesses and makers. The shop is full of a variety of things for your home, clothing, art, and so many more beautiful items. If you are ever in Denton, you definitely need to check it out.

I’ve made a few different trips there and bought two different things. The most recent item was this illustration from Mandy Cave. I’ve always loved her style and this cute little piece was something I had to buy once I saw it.

Mandy Cave watercolor, Cavely

Fort Worth Cats baseball

For Father’s Day, my family went to a Fort Worth Cats baseball game. It’s an independent minor league team that plays at LaGrave Field just a mile north of Downtown Fort Worth. We had so much fun, we decided to go again for the Fourth of July, because what’s more American than baseball, hot dogs and fireworks?

Fort Worth Cats


Maybe it’s okay we’re not Texas A&M

Maybe it’s okay we’re not Texas A&M

Many will agree that UNT is not the most tradition-oriented or event-oriented school. We’re not exactly known for our cult-like following of our sports teams like Texas A&M or exciting nightlife on campus like other schools. But maybe that’s okay.

When first visiting UNT as a high school senior, I had a friend tell me that if I cared about school traditions that this was not the place to go. I thought she was exaggerating.

It wasn’t until I arrived at UNT that I realized how right she was. Most activities, games, and events are free for students. However, at any given event, one would not believe they attended a school of more than 36,000 people. Very few people come to these events. Football and basketball games fail to fill the student sections.

The Student Government Association and University Program Council have recently made more efforts to see that students are more involved. Students will vote on who they want to perform at a concert in the spring.
Some might say the lack of involvement reflects negatively on our campus, but there is so much that makes UNT unique that has nothing to do with involvement in events.
UNT is diverse: in its ideology, ages represented, religiously, and ethnically. There are nearly 2,000 international students representing more than 100 countries.

The NT Daily recently reported that about 5,300 students identify themselves as non-traditional students. Some of these students include individuals older than perceived traditional college age or have families of their own.

With a large emphasis on music in Denton and at UNT, students don’t need university-created events to find great music. On any weekend, a local band is performing either at a public venue or house show. Throughout the year, there are several musical events and festivals that bring in a variety of musicians. Also, UNT has one of the best music programs in the country with its jazz band and other programs.

College should be more than just going to class and getting a degree. There is a social learning aspect that is important as well. This is why students are encouraged to be involved on campus. However, with such diversity and opportunities beyond planned events, students have the chance to connect, interact and network in a culture that students at other universities do not experience.