Friday Favorites: Podcast edition

Friday Favorites: Podcast edition

Do you ever have those moments where you ask yourself “How am I just now hearing about this?” or “Where have I been?” Well, that’s how I feel about podcasts.

Now that’s not to say I didn’t know what a podcast was or had never heard of them. I knew of podcasts, I’ve heard of Serial, and have even listened to many church sermons and lessons via podcast. What I didn’t know was what giant world of podcasts that existed.

Essentially, podcasts are people having conversations about any given topic. There’s something for literally everyone. That’s an oversimplification of podcasts, but you get the idea.

Last summer, a friend of mine told me about a podcast called “Gilmore Guys.” In a nutshell, it’s two guys talking about every episode of Gilmore Girls. One is a long-time fan of the show, the other is new to the show and watching each episode for the first time. They invite writers, comedians, and other people from the entertainment world to talk all things Gilmore Girls. They even have live shows which a friend and I got to go to when they were in Dallas in December. Lots of fun and they are hilarious! Check out their podcast!

Since then, I’ve started listening to other podcasts, trying to find others I like — and with varying degrees of success. There’s so much to wade through, so I’m always open to suggestions from any genre.

In the mean time, here are some that I’ve enjoyed:

Gilmore Guys                                       Best of Friends

Gilmore Guys podcast     Best of Friends Podcast

Pop Culture Happy Hour                  The Nerdist

Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast        nerdistpodcastv2


I’d love to hear what you’ve been enjoying lately — podcast or otherwise. Let me know in the comments below!


Best performances of the Star-Spangled Banner

It’s Independence Day weekend and that means red, white, and blue; fireworks; and the Star-Spangled Banner. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of awkward (or just bad) performances of the Star-Spangled Banner. So when someone gets it right, it’s magical and should be noted.

There are a lot of great performances of the national anthem including the Cactus Cuties and the US Army Academy Choirs. I started to make a list of my top five favorite performances, but this performance by the Gaither Vocal Band is so brilliant, it needs to stand on it’s own. Five-part harmony, classic performance(no unnecessary frills), and David Phelps hitting some impressive high notes–what’s not to love?


The World Cup Bandwagon

The World Cup Bandwagon

Hi. My name is Katie. And I’m a World Cup bandwagon fan.

Yep. I’m one of those people. Today is the USA versus Germany match and I found myself today trying to figure out how I could watch it.

I love big-event sports. Superbowl? Awesome. World Series? You know it. Olympics? Heck to the yes. And now the World Cup. The huge crowds, chants, songs and ridiculously dressed and decorated people.

I really don’t know all of how soccer works and its rules. I would probably make any soccer fan crazy with my bandwagon spirit. But I say, who cares. The more the merrier.

So I say, don’t be shy. Jump on the bandwagon. Red, white and blue. Toot-toot!

Also, USA! USA! USA!

New Music

I always love it when friends, or anyone, share music they’ve discovered, or just what they’re currently enjoying. There’s really something wonderful about hearing a song for the first time that you love immediately. There’s something really special about that first listen. This is different for everyone. What may make me really excited may bore someone else, but that’s okay, and I think that’s what makes music so great. There’s different types of sounds, different styles, and most importantly: different types of people.

Anyway, all that to say there’s a song by husband and wife duo, Jenny & Tyler called “Skyline Hill”. They recently posted the music video for the song, and ever since then, I’ve been listening to the song all the time. It has such a simply beautiful sound that you can’t help but feel the emotion behind it.

I wanted to share it with  you, and I hope you enjoy it too.


Music: Andrew Ripp

A little over a week ago I went to a Dave Barnes concert at the House of Blues in Dallas. I absolutely love Dave Barnes. His music is the kind that I can listen to anytime, anywhere. I have seen a concert of his one other time when he played at a fundraising concert with Matt Wertz. This was the first time I saw him with his full band. He’s so great to hear live. If you don’t know his music, do yourself a favor and listen to it.

Anyways, at the concert, the guy who opened for him was Andrew Ripp. His name was familiar, and I had seen his face before when he was in a couple Dave Barnes videos, but I’d never actually heard any of his music. After he played, I was so mad that I’d never heard of him before. This guy is amazing! That night he didn’t have his band with him. He just played his guitar and a kick drum. If it had been anyone other than Dave Barnes, I might have just demanded that Andrew take over for the rest of the night.

I really don’t know how else to describe him other than amazingly talented.

Here’s a couple of his songs I really like.




It really took a lot of self control to not post every video he has on YouTube, so I didn’t. I don’t want to be that blogger.
So, check him out, buy his music, and be happy.

Friday Favorites!

Today’s Friday favorites is going to have a music theme!

1. Tim Halperin – Unfortunately, my American Idol favorite did not make it into the top 13 on Americana Idol. (super bummed) But, I still love him and his music. He’s had some pretty great stuff for awhile now, and I can’t wait for him to write more music and to have concerts. I know he’ll still be super successful.

2. The Civil Wars – The band itself has only been around for a couple of years. The two members are Joy Williams and John Paul White. I’ve known about them for awhile now, but didn’t seriously start checking out their music until recently. They are awesome.  We really need more bands like them.

Here’s there song, “Barton Hollow”:

3. Hanson – I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVE Hanson. I am obsessed. That’s really all I can say.

4. Movie Soundtracks – I just love movie soundtracks. I think they can really make a movie, and it’s what I like to listen to for study music!

5. Learning about/Discovering new music –  I just love the feeling of finding a new band/artist and when people share their favorite bands and music.

My Favorite Shows

I really don’t watch that much tv, but I still wanted to share some of my favorites.

1. Gilmore Girls – This is definitely my favorite show ever! I didn’t start watching it until a few years in, but once I did, I was hooked. (Better late than never, right?) The show just makes me smile. I love the hilarious characters in the small town of Stars Hollow, the witty banter, really just everything about it. It’s an intelligent show that I just love.

2. Modern Family – A great comedy that takes a satirical look at three families and their lives. Honestly, when I first heard about this show I thought it was going to be terrible, inappropriate, and just  not funny. Boy was I wrong. When I finally watched it for the first time, I couldn’t stop laughing. Great show.

3. NCIS – Now, there are so many crime fighting/solving shows out there it’s almost ridiculous. But, this one is different. While it of course tells about an NCIS team solving naval crimes, what makes it great are the characters on the show and the relationships they have with each other, and has a good dose of comedy. It’s a weekly event in my house to watch this show. My dad loves this show, and all things come to a halt when 7:00 on Tuesday nights roll around.

4. Parenthood – This is a show that I just recently started watching about a month or so ago. I got  caught up on what I could on Hulu, but they only have so many episodes, so I’m hoping to get a DVD set of the show to catch up from the very beginning. But, from what I’ve seen of it it for the past few weeks, I just love this show. First of all, it has Lauren Graham (of Gilmore girls), which is what initially drew me to the show. I don’t really know how to best describe this show other than that I am absorbed in it every time I watch it. There’s such real emotion and heart in all of the stories and relationships with each character. You must check it out.

5. American Idol – I debated weather or not to put this on the list. I’ve only watched one full season, which was Season 8, with Kris Allen(winner) and Adam Lambert (runner-up). I’ve really been into this season, which is just about to start the live shows. But there’s just something about this show that I really like. I really like following these people who are truly just like you and me and watching them through this journey to hopefully win the title of American Idol. I love that you as a fan and voter get to be a part of it. Win your favorite moves on to the next week, there’s almost a sense of accomplishment and pride that your vote had something to do with it. Plus it’s a “reality” show, which are always addicting for some unknown reason.

6. Wishbone – Ok, so this one is probably very random, but as a kid, this was one of my favorite PBS shows to come home to along with Arthur, The Magic School Bus, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. The show didn’t really last that long, but when your a kid time seems so much longer. Wishbone is a dog, who you get to hear the witty thoughts of, who in every show imagines himself in some classic piece of literature. It’s really a great way for kids to be exposed to literature. Yes, the stories aren’t always accurate, but it’s a short kids show and they always get the point across.  Once in a while reruns of it will play on tv, and if I’m lucky enough to catch it playing, I’ll stop to watch it. It’s really a show that both kids and parents like.