Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you smile or just put you in a better mood. So, every other Friday I will be sharing at least two things that have made me smile or have just particularly enjoyed lately.

Gilmore Girls

For the past two years I haven’t had television. That is, television without holding the antenna in just the right spot and maybe standing in a funny position because even the slightest movement would throw off everything in the middle of an important moment on Parenthood or NCIS.

So, as a substitute for the lack of TV (by the way, I kind of miss commercials), I have watched a lot of movies, episodes of Friends and Gilmore Girls

But I’m not complaining because these quirky characters that speak a mile a minute are never disappoint. They seem to know every pop culture and current events references there are.

Czech Stop

Last Saturday I was home in Fort Worth hanging out with my family and we spontaneously decided to make our first ever trip to the Czech Stop and bakery in West, Texas. This bakery and convenience store is located in a town known for its Czech heritage. They serve kolaches and other tasty Czech treats.

Well, all I can say is I’m sad that I had not yet experienced the awesomeness that is their kolaches and breads. I’m not sure you’ve really experienced delicious bakery goods until you’ve experienced this.

These are some pictures my sister took. She got the strawberry kolache and one of their Hot Chubbies with cheese (sausage on the inside). I got the pumpkin kolache and their ham and cheese puff.

Czech Stop, West Texas

So, if you ever find yourself on I-35 near Waco, make a stop. That’s an order. And hey, even if you’re not in the area, you should make a trip.


My Favorite Shows

I really don’t watch that much tv, but I still wanted to share some of my favorites.

1. Gilmore Girls – This is definitely my favorite show ever! I didn’t start watching it until a few years in, but once I did, I was hooked. (Better late than never, right?) The show just makes me smile. I love the hilarious characters in the small town of Stars Hollow, the witty banter, really just everything about it. It’s an intelligent show that I just love.

2. Modern Family – A great comedy that takes a satirical look at three families and their lives. Honestly, when I first heard about this show I thought it was going to be terrible, inappropriate, and just  not funny. Boy was I wrong. When I finally watched it for the first time, I couldn’t stop laughing. Great show.

3. NCIS – Now, there are so many crime fighting/solving shows out there it’s almost ridiculous. But, this one is different. While it of course tells about an NCIS team solving naval crimes, what makes it great are the characters on the show and the relationships they have with each other, and has a good dose of comedy. It’s a weekly event in my house to watch this show. My dad loves this show, and all things come to a halt when 7:00 on Tuesday nights roll around.

4. Parenthood – This is a show that I just recently started watching about a month or so ago. I got  caught up on what I could on Hulu, but they only have so many episodes, so I’m hoping to get a DVD set of the show to catch up from the very beginning. But, from what I’ve seen of it it for the past few weeks, I just love this show. First of all, it has Lauren Graham (of Gilmore girls), which is what initially drew me to the show. I don’t really know how to best describe this show other than that I am absorbed in it every time I watch it. There’s such real emotion and heart in all of the stories and relationships with each character. You must check it out.

5. American Idol – I debated weather or not to put this on the list. I’ve only watched one full season, which was Season 8, with Kris Allen(winner) and Adam Lambert (runner-up). I’ve really been into this season, which is just about to start the live shows. But there’s just something about this show that I really like. I really like following these people who are truly just like you and me and watching them through this journey to hopefully win the title of American Idol. I love that you as a fan and voter get to be a part of it. Win your favorite moves on to the next week, there’s almost a sense of accomplishment and pride that your vote had something to do with it. Plus it’s a “reality” show, which are always addicting for some unknown reason.

6. Wishbone – Ok, so this one is probably very random, but as a kid, this was one of my favorite PBS shows to come home to along with Arthur, The Magic School Bus, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. The show didn’t really last that long, but when your a kid time seems so much longer. Wishbone is a dog, who you get to hear the witty thoughts of, who in every show imagines himself in some classic piece of literature. It’s really a great way for kids to be exposed to literature. Yes, the stories aren’t always accurate, but it’s a short kids show and they always get the point across.  Once in a while reruns of it will play on tv, and if I’m lucky enough to catch it playing, I’ll stop to watch it. It’s really a show that both kids and parents like.